Debarati Saha

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Small animal irradiation provides an important tool used by preclinical studies to assess and optimize new treatment strategies such as stereotactic ablative radiotherapy. Characterization of radiation beams that are clinically and geometrically scaled for the small animal model is uniquely challenging for orthovoltage energies and minute field sizes. The(More)
An x-ray image-guided small animal stereotactic irradiator was developed and characterized to enable tumor visualization and accurate target localization for small field, high dose irradiation. The system utilizes a custom collimation system, a motorized positioning system (x, y, θ), a digital imaging panel and operating software, and is integrated with a(More)
Canaliculops or canaliculocele is a rare form of noninflammatory and noninfectious canalicular ectasia. To the best of the authors' knowledge, so far only 5 such cases have been described in the literature. Typical clinical and characteristic immunohistochemical features aid in the diagnosis. Although rare, it should be kept in the differential diagnosis of(More)
Myxomas are rare benign tumors of primitive mesenchymal origin that usually arise from the soft tissues and occasionally from the bones. Bony myxomas predominantly arise from the jaw bone and hence are also known as gnathic myxomas. Any other bony myxomas are termed as extragnathic. In view of rarity, uncertain histogenesis, nonspecific clinical features,(More)
An experiment was conducted to study the effect of sulphur application on growth, yield and quality of onion at Horticulture Farm of Institute of Agriculture, Visva-Bharati, Sriniketan. The treatments consisted of six incremental doses of sulphur application (10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 kg ha-1) and no sulphur application (control, 0 kg S ha-1). Treatments(More)
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