Debapriyay Mukhopadhyay

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Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) enabled with authenticated querying [1] allows only the authorized users to inject queries into the network and get responses thereof. Queries from unauthorized users are silently dropped. Providing authenticated querying for WSN is especially very challenging since the nodes are very much resource constrained and vulnerable(More)
Security is a major concern for a large fraction of sensor network applications. Douceur first introduced the notion of sybil attack [4], where a single entity(node) illegitimately presents multiple identities. As the nodes in sensor networks can be physically captured by an adversary, sybil attack can manifest in a severe form leading to the malfunction of(More)
Performance and fault tolerance are two major issues that need to be addressed while designing highly available and reliable systems. The network topology or the notion of connectedness among the network nodes defines the system communication architecture and is an important design consideration for fault tolerant systems. A number of fault tolerant designs(More)
A new functional for planar triangulation called Inner Core has been proposed in [4] for a location verification based defense against Sybil attack for sensor network, and also has been shown that the legitimacy of a new node inside the Inner Core of a triangle obtained by the triangulation of the set of sensor nodes can be established. In [4] it has been(More)
In [8], a high availability framework based on Harary graph as network topology has been proposed for stateful failover. Framework proposed therein exhibits an interesting property that an uniform load can be given to each non-faulty node while maintaining fault tolerance. A challenging problem in this context, which has not been addressed in [8] is to be(More)
An intrusion detection system has become a standard component of security infrastructure. Mobile agents transportable in network, gather information, evaluate and guide the alarm to network administrator. Advantage of having the mobile agent based approach in IDS that there is no centralized failure, less latency rate of data transmission and it has real(More)
This work makes two major contributions to architectural support for the debugging of memory related bugs. First, it proposes a novel framework for detecting memory related bugs, where the application can be selective, can be extended to kernel modules, and is based on the virtual memory simulation of the application in hand. Secondly, we have tried to(More)
We envision a future where thousands to millions of small sensors for self-organizing wireless networks. As it provides solutions to many needs such as wireless communication, remote monitoring, surveillance etc. wireless networking will likely become widespread. Most applications will be done where wiring is impossible to install, or too expensive or where(More)