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ECC on Your Fingertips: A Single Instruction Approach for Lightweight ECC Design in GF(p)
Lightweight implementation of Elliptic Curve Cryptography on FPGA has been a popular research topic due to the boom of ubiquitous computing. In this paper we propose a novel single instruction basedExpand
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Role of power grid in side channel attack and power-grid-aware secure design
Side-channel attack (SCA) is a method in which an attacker aims at extracting secret information from crypto chips by analyzing physical parameters (e.g. power). SCA has emerged as a serious threatExpand
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From theory to practice of private circuit: A cautionary note
Private circuits, from their publication, have been really popular among the researchers. They also form the basis for provable masking schemes. There are several works which try to improve theExpand
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Using Tweaks to Design Fault Resistant Ciphers
Side channel analysis and active fault analysis are now major threats to even mathematically robust cryptographic algorithms that are otherwise resistant to classical cryptanalysis. This paperExpand
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Transform-and-Encode: A Countermeasure Framework for Statistical Ineffective Fault Attacks on Block Ciphers
Right from its introduction by Boneh et al., fault attacks (FA) have been established to be one of the most practical threats to both public key and symmetric key based cryptosystems. StatisticalExpand
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IP based design is one of the most potential techniques to promote the SoC design promptly into market. To assist the process it is advantageous to have IP exchanged in different forms. Though,Expand
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Side-Channel Watchdog: Run-Time Evaluation of Side-Channel Vulnerability in FPGA-Based Crypto-systems
Besides security against classical cryptanalysis, its important for cryptographic implementations to have sufficient robustness against side-channel attacks. Many countermeasures have been proposedExpand
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Tile before multiplication: An efficient strategy to optimize DSP multiplier for accelerating prime field ECC for NIST curves
High speed DSP blocks present in the modern FPGAs can be used to implement prime field multiplication to accelerate Elliptic Curve scalar multiplication in prime fields. However, compared to logicExpand
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Reconfigurable LUT: A Double Edged Sword for Security-Critical Applications
Modern FPGAs offer various new features for enhanced reconfigurability and better performance. One of such feature is a dynamically Reconfigurable LUT RLUT whose content can be updated internally,Expand
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Integrated Sensor: A Backdoor for Hardware Trojan Insertions?
Embedded system face a serious threat from physical attacks when applied in critical applications. Therefore, modern systems have several integrated sensors to detect potential threats. In thisExpand
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