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Caspase-1 causes truncation and aggregation of the Parkinson’s disease-associated protein α-synuclein
It is reported that inflammation can play a role in causing the aggregation of wild type aSyn, and perhaps in the pathogenesis of sporadic PD as well. Expand
Substrate and Inhibitor-induced Dimerization and Cooperativity in Caspase-1 but Not Caspase-3*
Steady-state kinetic analysis and modeling independently support this model, where binding of one substrate molecule not only increases substrate binding in preformed dimers but also drives the formation of heterodimers. Expand
An allosteric circuit in caspase-1.
X-ray crystal structures of caspase-1 variants suggest the importance of both the salt bridge interaction and the coordination of solvent water molecules near the allosteric binding pocket for activity. Expand
SARS-CoV-2 vaccination modelling for safe surgery to save lives: data from an international prospective cohort study
  • Dmitri Joana F F Elizabeth James Maria Sivesh K Rohan Ane Nepogodiev Simoes Li Glasbey Picciochi Kamarajah G, D. Nepogodiev, +9,979 authors Fardis Vosoughi
  • Medicine
  • The British journal of surgery
  • 24 March 2021
Abstract Background Preoperative SARS-CoV-2 vaccination could support safer elective surgery. Vaccine numbers are limited so this study aimed to inform their prioritization by modelling. Methods TheExpand
Synaptotagmin perturbs the structure of phospholipid bilayers.
It is proposed that bilayer perturbation by syt might be significant with respect to its ability to promote membrane fusion in response to Ca2+ binding. Expand
PatientExploreR: an extensible application for dynamic visualization of patient clinical history from electronic health records in the OMOP common data model
PatientExploreR is an extensible application built on the R/Shiny framework that interfaces with a relational database of EHR data in the Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership CDM format and produces patient-level interactive and dynamic reports and facilitates visualization of clinical data without any programming required. Expand
Design of a Culturally-Informed Virtual Human for Educating Hispanic Women about Cervical Cancer
The development of an interactive virtual patient educator for educating and counseling Hispanic women about cervical cancer and human papillomavirus is described and pilot testing of the system with Hispanic women in a rural community in Florida is described. Expand
Laugh When You're Winning
The Laugh when you’re winning project, developed during the eNTERFACE 2013 Workshop in Lisbon, Portugal, aimed to set up and test a game scenario involving two human participants and one virtual character, and synthesised virtual characters endowed with multimodal skills were synthesised in order to interact with the participants by producing laughter in a natural way. Expand
ROMOP: a light-weight R package for interfacing with OMOP-formatted electronic health record data
ROMOP is an R package for direct interfacing with EHR data in the OMOP CDM format that streamlines typical EHR-related data processes and includes exploration of data types, extraction and summarization of patient clinical and demographic data, and patient searches using any CDM vocabulary concept. Expand
learn2learn: A Library for Meta-Learning Research
Meta-learning researchers face two fundamental issues in their empirical work: prototyping and reproducibility. Researchers are prone to make mistakes when prototyping new algorithms and tasksExpand