Debajit Sensarma

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A Mobile Ad hoc network (MANET) is a self configurable network connected by wireless links. This type of network is only suitable for temporary communication links as it is infrastructure-less and there is no centralised control. Providing QoS aware routing is a challenging task in this type of network due to dynamic topology and limited resources. The main(More)
Two-level logic minimization is a central problem in logic synthesis, and has applications in reliability analysis and automated reasoning. This paper represents a method of minimizing Boolean sum of products function with binary decision diagram and with disjoint sum of product minimization. Due to the symbolic representation of cubes for large problem(More)
Mobile Ad hoc networks (MANETs) are self organized by a collection of mobile nodes, which are interconnected by multi hop wireless paths. Providing QoS support in MANETs is an active research area, basically for supporting real time applications that are based upon interaction between the routing scheme and QoS provisioning. The goal of QoS aware routing is(More)
Key management represents a major and the most sensitive part of cryptographic systems. It includes key generation, key distribution, key storage, and key deletion. It is also considered the hardest part of cryptography. Designing secure cryptographic algorithms is hard, and keeping the keys secret is much harder. Cryptanalysts usually attack both symmetric(More)
The Bin Packing Problem (BPP) is one of the most known combinatorial optimization problems. The main objective of the problem is to minimize the number of bins used and pack the items with different sizes in finite number of bins efficiently. This paper introduces a new graph based algorithm for one dimensional bin packing problem. The proposed algorithm is(More)
MANET is a collection of mobile devices with no centralized control and no pre-existing infrastructures. Due to the nodal mobility, supporting QoS during routing in this type of networks is a very challenging task. To tackle this type of overhead many routing algorithms with clustering approach have been proposed. Clustering is an effective method for(More)
A Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) is a collection of wireless mobile devices with no pre existing infrastructure or centralized control. Supporting QoS during routing is a very challenging task. Clustering is an effective method for resource management regarding network performance, routing protocol design, QoS etc. In real time various types of nodes with(More)
— Data hiding has received much attention due to rapid development of internet and multimedia technologies where security of information is a very important concern. This is achieved by Steganography, which is the art or science of hiding data into another data, so that human eyes cannot catch the hidden information easily. There are many ways to hide(More)
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