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Performing facial recognition between Near Infrared (NIR) and visible-light (VIS) images has been established as a common method of countering illumination variation problems in face recognition. In this paper we present a new database to enable the evaluation of cross-spectral face recognition. A series of preprocessing algorithms, followed by Local Binary(More)
— UWB (Ultra-Wideband) radio technology is an excellent candidate for WBAN (Wireless Body Area Network) applications due to its inherent features like low level of radiated power, robustness against multipath and compact in size. Mathematical modelling of the channel under consideration and experimental determination of its parameters are prerequisites for(More)
Significant improvements in face-recognition performance have recently been achieved by obtaining near infra-red (NIR) probe images. We demonstrate that by taking into account the differential effects of sub-surface scattering , correlation between facial images in the visible (VIS) and NIR wavelengths can be significantly improved. Hence, by using Fourier(More)
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