Debadin Bose

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Members of the genus Xanthomonas are significant phytopathogens, which cause diseases in several economically important crops including rice, canola, tomato, citrus, etc. We have analyzed the genomes of six recently sequenced Xanthomonas strains for their synonymous codon usage patterns for all of protein coding genes and specific genes associated with(More)
There is an increasing demand for silver nanoparticles due to its wide applicability in various area of biological science such as in field of antimicrobial and therapeutics, biosensing, drug delivery etc. To use in bioprocess the silver nanoparticles should be biocompatible and free from toxic chemicals. In the present study we report a cost effective and(More)
A novel actinomycete strain, assigned as Am3, was isolated from the root nodules of Alnus nepalensis at Mirik hills, India. Analysis of the 16s rRNA gene sequence placed this new strain within the genus Prauserella. The genome was sequenced by Illumina sequencing and resulting 5.33-Mbp high quality draft genome sequenced with a G + C content of 70.0 % and(More)
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