Debadatta Mishra

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—Efficient management of system memory plays a critical role in provisioning virtual machines, as it impacts levels of over-commitment and associated application performance. Typically, file accesses from a virtual machine traverse through different levels of page caches, which consume memory. Different configurations of page cache provisioning are(More)
One of the biggest challenges of virtualization today is to efficiently share and manage network devices among different virtual machines (VMs). Software-based network virtualization solutions like device emulation and split driver device models have advantages of resource sharing and fine grained hypervisor resource control. However, software based(More)
A hierarchical namespace is a common abstraction used for data organization within modern file systems. Fast translation of namespace objects to physical locations is necessary to carry out efficient file system operations. For reasons attributed to modularity, security, and to some extent legacy, namespace translations involves iterative translation of(More)
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