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—As a participant of FIRE 2012 monolingual English SMS based FAQ Retrieval Task, we proposed a theme matching scheme [1]. Once again the scheme is implemented for the same task in FIRE 2013 having different set of SMS and FAQ queries. An SMS text usually consists of certain noisy terms due to the limitations of characters allowed in an SMS, lack of screen(More)
A term weighting scheme is described here which is able to circumvent the effect of web spam and content stuffing such as keyword stuffing, hidden unrelated text and meta tag stuffing. This scheme is composed of three components, namely, term frequency, inverse document frequency and document weight. The first two are the conventional components of tf-idf(More)
—Automatic extraction of collocations from a corpus is a well-known problem in the field of natural language processing. It is typically carried out by employing some kind of a statistical measure that indicates whether or not two words occur together more often than by chance. A fuzzy set theoretic approach for extracting collocations from a text(More)
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