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A spoken language generation system has been developed that learns to describe objects in computer-generated visual scenes. The system is trained by a 'show-and-tellÕ procedure in which visual scenes are paired with natural language descriptions. Learning algorithms acquire prob-abilistic structures which encode the visual semantics of phrase structure,(More)
Prostaglandin E1 (PGE1) is often added to the donor pulmonary flush solution to enhance clinical lung preservation for transplantation. Although PGE1 is thought to act as a pulmonary vasodilator during the harvest period, the precise mechanism(s) of action whereby PGE1 enhances lung preservation is unknown. Because cAMP levels decline in endothelial and(More)
BACKGROUND Apoptosis is a distinct form of programmed cell death characterized by activation of endonucleases that cleave nuclear DNA, condensation and fragmentation of nuclear chromatin, blebbing of intact membranes, and cell shrinkage and fragmentation. The mechanisms responsible are unclear, but nitric oxide (NO) generated by inducible NO synthase (iNOS)(More)
Recent studies have indicated a role for nitric oxide (NO) in alloimmune responses and in allograft rejection. iNOS mRNA, protein and enzyme activity are induced in myocardium during cardiac allograft rejection. NO produced by iNOS is negatively inotropic and has the potential to be cytotoxic to cardiac myocytes. To investigate whether immunosuppressive(More)
It has been suggested that inhaled nitric oxide gas may be beneficial after lung transplantation, because endogenous levels of pulmonary nitric oxide decline rapidly after reperfusion. However theoretical concerns remain about the formation of highly toxic oxidants during the quenching of nitric oxide by superoxide. To determine whether distal stimulation(More)
We report on an audio retrieval system which lets Internet users efficiently access a large audio database containing recordings of the proceedings of the United States House of Representatives. The audio has been temporally aligned to text transcripts of the proceedings (which are manually generated by the U.S. Government) using a novel method based on(More)
The NewsComm system delivers personalized news and other program material as audio to mobile users through a hand-held playback device. This paper focuses on the iterative design and user testing of the hand-held interface. The interface was first designed and tested in a software-only environment and then ported to a custom hardware platform. The hand-held(More)
As a step toward simulating dynamic dialogue between agents and humans in virtual environments, we describe learning a model of social behavior composed of interleaved utterances and physical actions. In our model, utterances are abstracted as {speech act, propositional content, referent} triples. After training a classifier on 100 gameplay logs from The(More)
Nitric oxide (NO) produced within the lungs maintains pulmonary vascular homeostatic properties, modulating leukocyte traffic, platelet aggregation, and vasomotor tone. Because reactive oxygen intermediates generated during reperfusion react rapidly with available NO, we hypothesized that the NO donor nitroglycerin (NTG) would enhance lung preservation for(More)