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Over the past few decades, telecommunication networks have been designed and implemented to support a wide variety of services, including the integration of a customer's voice, data and video communication requirements. Rapid advances in VLSI technology, coupled with declining costs of fiber-based transmission systems, have resulted in high speed, broadband(More)
Pulmonary ailments are conventionally diagnosed by spirometry. The complex forceful breathing maneuver as well as the extreme cost of spirometry renders it unsuitable in many situations. This work is aimed to facilitate an emerging direction of tidal breathing-based pulmonary evaluation by designing a novel, equitable, precise and portable device for(More)
<b>Videotex</b> refers to "various computer-based interactive systems that electronically deliver screen text, numbers and graphics via telephone or two-way cable for display on a television set or a video monitor". This technology allows computer-naive users to easily access general interest or highly specialized information stored in on-line databases in(More)
This paper looks at whether differences in the form of ownership were not the cause of the productivity differences but that these differences were due to individual firm effects. We also want to examine the belief that inefficiency in the Thai financial sector was not one of the causal factors in the currency crisis in 1997 with a high level of overall(More)