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Despite increasing regulatory attention and literature linking roadside air pollution to health outcomes, studies on near roadway air quality have not yet been well synthesized. We employ data collected from 1978 as reported in 41 roadside monitoring studies, encompassing more than 700 air pollutant concentration measurements, published as of June 2008. Two(More)
The late Paleozoic deglaciation is the vegetated Earth's only recorded icehouse-to-greenhouse transition, yet the climate dynamics remain enigmatic. By using the stable isotopic compositions of soil-formed minerals, fossil-plant matter, and shallow-water brachiopods, we estimated atmospheric partial pressure of carbon dioxide (pCO2) and tropical marine(More)
The California State Bureau of Automotive Repair uses a high-emitter profile model to direct, or screen a fraction of the vehicle fleet in for inspection and maintenance testing at test-only facilities. Reviews by the California Inspection/Main-tenance Review Committee showed the high-emitter profile to be inefficient and in need of improvement. In this(More)
This paper reports preliminary results of a survey designed to quantify how social networks influence travel behavior. Using a three-day activity diary, we simultaneously measured social interactions and travel behavior. Respondents were asked to record all trips, as well as all social interactions with friends and family for three days. We use a novel(More)
It has been shown that the location of schools near heavily trafficked roads can have detrimental effects on the health of children attending those schools. It is therefore desirable to screen both existing school locations and potential new school sites to assess either the need for remedial measures or suitability for the intended use. Current screening(More)
Setting sustainability targets and evaluating systems progress are of great importance nowadays due to threats to the human society, to economic development and to ecosystems, posed by unsustainable human activities. This research establishes a probabilistic theoretical approach based on market expectations reflected in prices of publicly traded securities(More)
This study presents a model, derived from chassis dynamometer test data, for factors (operational correction factors, or OCFs) that correct (g/mi) heavy-duty diesel particle emission rates measured on standard test cycles for real-world conditions. Using a random effects mixed regression model with data from 531 tests of 34 heavy-duty vehicles from the(More)
Driving cycles are used to create mobile emission factors. Emission factors are, in turn, used to estimate mobile source inventories, provide standards for new vehicle emissions testing, and facilitate comparisons of laboratory experiments. This study examines the spatial representativeness of the driving cycles underlying California's CO, THC, and NOx(More)
While pasture-raised poultry comprises a small portion of the commercial poultry industry in North America, these alternative rearing systems have become increasingly popular. As such, it is critical to improve our understanding of husbandry practices and prevalence of zoonotic and epizoonotic diseases in these systems. This research reviews the results of(More)