Dearborn Edwards

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In a study of the factors surrounding the development of renal scars clinical data and serial radiographs were analysed in 74 infants and children (66 girls and eight boys) without duplex kidney or obstruction. The development of new scars was seen radiologically in 87 kidneys (74 previously normal and 13 previously scarred). New scarring was extensive in(More)
Infection of the urinary tract is a common condition in childhood and one which is often overlooked. In a recent large survey significant bacteriuria was found in 1% of a schoolgirl population, many of these children being symptomless (Kunin et al., 1962). De Luca et al. (1963) found an average delay in diagnosis of 18 months, and only 28% of Burke's (1961)(More)
Seventy-five children aged 3 weeks to 12 years and found on investigation of symptomatic urinary infection to have vesicoureteric reflux were managed conservatively with continuous low-dose prophylaxis. Serial cystographic and renal growth studies were performed during seven to 15 years' follow-up. Reflux disappeared spontaneously in 53 children (71%) and(More)
Eleven heterogeneous patients with inoperable hydatid disease were treated with high doses of oral mebendazole, up to 200 mg/kg/day for 16 to 48 weeks. Toxicity was not encountered. Despite careful assessment it proved difficult critically to evaluate the efficacy of mebendazole. In four patients chemotherapy appeared to have been at least partially(More)
A protocol for the management of irritable hip was assessed; this protocol avoids hospital admission while detecting all other serious causes of hip pain, in particular septic arthritis, at the earliest possible opportunity. Fifty children with painful hips were studied prospectively with immediate ultrasound guided aspiration and Gram stain of all hip(More)
Three patients with inoperable malignant hepatomas were treated by intra-arterial infusion of fluorouracil. In each case the treatment gave relief of symptoms: there was striking relief of pain in two cases.Preoperative angiography is essential, but the technical problems are relatively minor.The response of the tumours to chemotherapy is sufficiently(More)