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In the retina, cell fate determination is thought to be regulated by a series of local cell-cell interactions. Evidence suggests that retinal precursors utilize Notch-mediated intercellular signaling to regulate their fates. However, the identity of the endogenous ligand and its role in the Notch-signaling pathway is not well understood. We have identified(More)
INTRODUCTION Traditional strategies to determine hospital bed surge capacity have relied on cross-sectional hospital census data, which underestimate the true surge capacity in the event of a mass-casualty incident. OBJECTIVE To determine hospital bed surge capacity for the County more accurately using physician and nurse manager assessments for the(More)
To characterize drug actions on thermoregulatory processes it is necessary to know whether compounds which alter body temperature also cause changes in thermoregulatory motivation. In the present experiments the effects of sodium salicylate, aminopyrine and chlorpromazine (CPZ) on rectal temperature (Tre) and behavior were measured in rats trained to escape(More)
  • Deanna Polk
  • The Journal of the Oklahoma State Medical…
  • 1994
1. In patients with symptomatic lumbar disc herniations contained within the interspace, the percutaneous automated discectomy is a reasonable option to open operative procedures. The results appear to be comparable in either case. 2. The procedure is done under local anesthesia, thus avoiding a general anesthetic, and has a shorter and less painful(More)
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