Deanna Olney

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We present a case of dislocations of the carpometacarpal joints without associated fractures. Although carpometacarpal injuries are relatively uncommon, it is rare for multiple carpometacarpal dislocations to occur without associated fractures. The injury is difficult to diagnose because of swelling of the hand. A lateral radiograph of the wrist has been(More)
Patients who are not known to be immunised to tetanus are considered to be non-immune. The appropriate treatment is the commencement of active immunisation with a course of three tetanus toxoid inoculations; if the wound is considered to be tetanus-prone, 250 IU of human anti-tetanus immunoglobulin is given concurrently. This study determined the true(More)
During a 5-month period a study was made of motor vehicle occupants presenting at an Accident and Emergency department following an accident. Records were made of the incidence of neck injuries in relation to the presence of head restraints and the use of seat belts. There was a slight reduction in injuries when a head restraint was fitted but this(More)
Hand injuries account for 10-20% of an Accident & Emergency department's workload. Early recognition of serious injury is vital to ensure appropriate management. This is only possible with a good working knowledge of hand anatomy. Forty consecutive A&E senior house officers (SHOs) were assessed on their knowledge of basic hand anatomy. The results are(More)
A search of accident and emergency department records showed that 61% of 85 children registered as being physically or sexually abused by the Department of Community Paediatrics at St James's University Hospital, Leeds, England, were found to have visited the accident and emergency department an average of 2.9 times before the diagnosis was made. Fifty-two(More)