Deanna McNeil

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Data from 137 published trials involving 2,545 calvings were analyzed using random effects normal logistic regression models to identify risk factors for clinical hypocalcemia in dairy cows. The aim of the study was to examine which form, if any, of the dietary cation anion difference (DCAD) equation provided the best estimate of milk fever risk and to(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the predictive value of early shoulder and hand movement after stroke for subsequent hand movement and function. DESIGN An inception cohort design following 71 patients for 3 months after first stroke. SETTING Rehabilitation medicine units in three Sydney teaching hospitals. PATIENTS A consecutive sample of 71 first-stroke(More)
BACKGROUND This study evaluated the quality of WBC-reduced platelets, RBCs, and plasma collected on a new system (Trima, Gambro BCT) designed to automate the collection of all blood components. The study also evaluated donor safety and suitability of these components for transfusion. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS In Phase I, the quality of the components(More)
BACKGROUND Bacterial screening may effectively reduce the morbidity and mortality risk associated with extended storage of platelets. Platelet viability then becomes the primary determinant of acceptable storage time. This study evaluates the effectiveness of platelets stored in plasma for 7 days. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS WBC-reduced, single-donor(More)
On one occasion, a healthy, male college athlete ate shrimp three and one-half hours before his usual, strenuous exercise. Several minutes after exercise, generalized anaphylaxis occurred which required emergency medical management. Physicians who work at sites where individuals exercise should be prepared for immediate treatment of this rare but important(More)
Regulation of the diurnal variation of the GH-independent insulin-like growth factor-binding protein (BP-28) was studied in 53 children who underwent various investigations for possible endocrine abnormalities. The plasma BP-28 levels increased 12-fold from 8 +/- 2 (+/-SE) micrograms/L at 2100 h to a peak level of 109 +/- 15 micrograms/L between 0600 and(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Prestorage leukoreduction offers a variety of potential benefits and is becoming more commonly practiced. The LeukoNet prestorage leukoreduction filtration system is intended for leukoreduction of red blood cells and uses a vent to allow automatic drainage of red cells from the filter. MATERIALS AND METHODS We studied the(More)
BACKGROUND Currently used formulas for estimation of a person's red cell volume (RCV) by weight and height are decades old and were based on the use of 51Cr isotopes and on a sample population, which may not be reflective of today's population. In this study, the accuracy and precision of the use of 99mTc RCV measurements in volunteers more typical of(More)
BACKGROUND This study evaluated the quality and clinical effectiveness of white cell (WBC)-reduced apheresis platelets collected by the use of a new technology, fluidized particle-bed separation. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS In phase 1, six suitable donors underwent two separate plateletpheresis procedures on one occasion, each separated by less than 10(More)