Deanna M. Kennedy

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OBJECTIVE Our objective is to capture temporal patterns in mental model convergence processes and differences in these patterns between distributed teams using an electronic collaboration space and face-to-face teams with no interface. BACKGROUND Distributed teams, as sociotechnical systems, collaborate via technology to work on their task. The way in(More)
The success of teams working together over multiple meetings may depend on how processes develop at initial meetings. Computer-mediated tools, in particular, may hinder team process development which may set the stage for shortcomings later. One recommendation is to hold the initial team meeting face to face. Herein, we examine social processes over time(More)
This article introduces process shifts to study the temporal interplay among transition and action processes espoused in the recurring phase model proposed by Marks, Mathieu, and Zacarro (2001). Process shifts are those points in time when teams complete a focal process and change to another process. By using team communication patterns to measure process(More)
Martin Schweinsberg ⁎, Nikhil Madan , Michelangelo Vianello , S. Amy Sommer , Jennifer Jordan , Warren Tierney , Eli Awtrey , Luke Lei Zhu , Daniel Diermeier , Justin E. Heinze , Malavika Srinivasan , David Tannenbaum , Eliza Bivolaru , Jason Dana , Clintin P. Davis-Stober , Christilene du Plessis , Quentin F. Gronau , Andrew C. Hafenbrack , Eko Yi Liao ,(More)
Internet of Things has the potential to disrupt industries through changing products, services, and business models just as the Internet did in the ‘90s. Machine-to-machine communication is at the core of Internet of Things. Machines that we interact with in everyday life will start interacting with each other, collect data, and even use advances in data(More)
We present the data from a crowdsourced project seeking to replicate findings in independent laboratories before (rather than after) they are published. In this Pre-Publication Independent Replication (PPIR) initiative, 25 research groups attempted to replicate 10 moral judgment effects from a single laboratory's research pipeline of unpublished findings.(More)
Communication plans are intrinsic to project management. However, the time and cost effects of communication plan choices have largely been overlooked. Herein, we study the impact of three types of communications plans that implement collaborative information technologies (CITs) (i.e., asynchronous, synchronous and both) on the key project metrics of(More)