Deanna Brasile

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PURPOSE Failed fertilization with ICSI in women having at least five mature oocytes retrieved is uncommon. The present study evaluated 19 such patients to determine--based on this outcome--what(More)
PURPOSE To determine if too high of a level of progesterone at the time of peak follicular maturation of donors adversely affects pregnancy or implantation rates of recipients. METHODS A(More)
PURPOSE To determine if the choice of gonadotropin releasing hormone antagonist influences subsequent pregnancy rates in women with diminished egg reserve. METHOD Retrospective determination of(More)
PURPOSE To present data on the chances of pregnancy following in vitro fertilization embryo transfer, according to day 3 serum FSH and age groups in women > or = age 36. MATERIALS AND METHODS Data(More)
PURPOSE To determine if the change in serum estradiol (E2) from the day of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) injection to the day after predicts pregnancy and implantation rates following in vitro(More)