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The aim of this study is to model and design an efficient wireless system that is easy to integrate with other technologies or infrastructures at a low cost. The system would read analogue information recorded by a biomedical sensor in a transmitting unit attached to the patient. The recorded data are converted digitally using analogue-to-digital converter(More)
Health, leisure and beauty activities are increasing in popularity in the United Kingdom, with a particular emphasis on self-help and alternative health practices. One product type that has increased sales with this expansion is the hand held electric massager. These are products that use vibration as a means of alleviating muscular strains and pains, as(More)
Identifying needs and aspirations of potential users for future products becomes ever more challenging as technology advances to fulfill new functions in all areas of people's activities. Within the domain of industrial design, we have developed a number of techniques that capture a variety of requirements. These techniques were developed to enable users to(More)
OVERVIEW In December 2000 the White Paper 'A New Future for Communications' set out the government's vision and objectives for communications in the 21 st century. A key part of the vision included radical changes in spectrum management and the switchover from analogue to digital broadcasting. The White Paper addresses issues of fundamental importance(More)