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Subtilisin has been modified with polyethylene glycol (PEG) monomethacrylate (MW 8000) by reductive alkylation, and incorporated into polymethyl methacrylate durring free-radical initiated polymerization. The activity and stability of the PEG-modified enzymes have been determined in aqueous buffer and organic solvents. The K(m) and V(max) values for(More)
A trial was undertaken to assess the extent to which variation in sawn-board quality traits of plantation-grown Eucalyptus nitens is under genetic control and amenable to genetic improvement. Five hundred and sixty trees from 129 families and three central Victorian races were sampled from an open-pollinated progeny trial in Tasmania, Australia. Acoustic(More)
The feasibility of applying an adaptive control technique to a fermentation process is investigated. The nonlinear, time-variant parameters of a fermentation process were estimated on-line as a series of linearized describing matrices. The matrices were used to update a suboptimal feedback law which controlled the process in real time over the linear(More)
Techniques for visualizing several climate variables, particularly clouds and wind velocities, are discussed. The techniques are volume rendering, textured contour surfaces, and vector field rendering. The application of these techniques is discussed in the context of a high-definition television (HDTV) animation produced to show global cloud motion during(More)
Current d a t a i n tegration systems allow a v ariety of heterogeneous structured or semi-structured data sources to be combined and queried by providing an integrated view over them. The Semantic Web also requires us to be able to integrate information from a variety of heterogeneous information sources. However, these information sources will also(More)
We describe an approach which builds on techniques from Data Integration and Information Extraction in order to make better use of the unstructured data found in application domains such as the Semantic Web which require the integration of information from structured data sources, ontologies and text. We describe the design and implementation of the ESTEST(More)