Dean R Cutten

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Concurrent measurements of sea-surface retroreflectance and associated wind velocity acquired with an airborne CO2 Doppler lidar are described. These observations provide further insight into thermal infrared optical phenomenology of air-sea interface processes, contribute to a greater understanding of radiation transfer between the atmosphere and the(More)
Using high-resolution Fourier-transform infrared absorbance and transmittance spectral data for ammonium sulfate (AMS), calcium carbonate (CAC), and ammonium nitrate (AMN), we made comparisons with previously published complex reactive-index data for AMS and CAC to infer experimental parameters to determine the imaginary refractive index for AMN in the(More)
An aerosol microphysics dataset was used to model backscatter in the 0.35-11-mum wavelength range, with the results validated by comparison with measured cw and pulsed lidar backscatter obtained during two NASA-sponsored airborne field experiments. Different atmospheric features were encountered, with aerosol backscatter ranging over 4 orders of magnitude.(More)
Radiometric calibration of an airborne CO2 pulsed Doppler lidar has been accomplished with surface retroreflection signals from the White Sands National Monument, New Mexico. Two circular passes were made at altitudes of 6.3 and 9.3 km. The computed calibration factors for both altitudes are in excellent agreement with the value derived from standard(More)
For several years the Weapons Research Establishment has developed integrating nephelometers and visibility meters for objective measurements of the atmospheric aerosol parameters. The absolute calibration tech­ nique used by Crosby and Koerber is tedious: it is diffi­ cult to apply to the visibility meters that were designed for field use; the use of pure(More)
The atmospheric lidar remote sensing groups of NOAA Environmental Technology Laboratory, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, and Jet Propulsion Laboratory have developed and flown a scanning, 1 Joule per pulse, CO2 coherent Doppler lidar capable of mapping a three-dimensional volume of atmospheric winds and aerosol backscatter in the planetary boundary(More)