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This paper outlines the need for replication of resources on the Internet to combat the huge growth in user population and bandwidth requirements. It describes deeciencies in an existing hierarchical ca-ching scheme for document replication and presents an alternative approach that more widely distributes the load across multiple servers, and provides(More)
Despite the best efforts of security researchers, sometimes the static nature of authorisation can cause unexpected risks for users working in a dynamically changing environment. Disasters, medical emergencies or time-critical events can all lead to situations where the ability to relax normal access rules can become critically important. This paper(More)
While security is a critical component of information systems, at times it can be frustrating for end users. Security systems exist to minimise the risks of allowing users to access and modify data, but rarely do they consider the risks of not granting access. This paper describes an access control system which is optimistic, i.e. it assumes accesses are(More)
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