Dean P. Neikirk

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A highly accurate quasi-static model of a microstrip over a semiconductor layer has been developed. The model agrees with full-wave calculations in all three modes of propagation (skin-effect, slow wave, and dielectric quasi-TEM), for both the attenuation constant α and the propagation constant β over a very wide range of dimension, substrate conductivity,(More)
A new approximation technique to find the total series impedance per unit length for quasi-TEM transmission lines including conductor loss has been developed. It is shown through the use of conformal mapping that both frequency dependent skin-depth and proximity effects can be accurately modeled. Comparison between experimental measurements and calculations(More)
Physical interconnect introduces new challenges for parameter eztruction and delay calculation for Application Specijic Electronic Module (ASEM) design automation. Eficiency dictates the precharacteri,ra-tion of extracted electrical parameters in the same manner as Application Specific Integrated Circuits () ASICS However, ASEM interconnect is dominated y(More)
A radiometer detects electromagnetic radiation and relates it to the temperature of a black body emitting an equivalent amount of power. The simplest and least expensive radiometer design is the total power radiometer. Unfortunately, it suffers greatly from slow drifts in its output. This dissertation examines some sources of the drift and gives two(More)