Dean P. McCullough

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Communications between cells in large part drive tissue development and function, as well as disease-related processes such as tumorigenesis. Understanding the mechanistic bases of these processes necessitates quantifying specific molecules in adjacent cells or cell nuclei of intact tissue. However, a major restriction on such analyses is the lack of an(More)
Image analysis is vital for extracting quantitative information from biological images and is used extensively, including investigations in developmental biology. The technique commences with the segmentation (delineation) of objects of interest from 2D images or 3D image stacks and is usually followed by the measurement and classification of the segmented(More)
F. Itakura's spectral match score is commonly used in the automatic recognition of continuous speech to compare a template to the continuous speech. This paper demonstrates that a symmetric version of this score adds some strength to the original score. It also demonstrates that by oversampling a band—limited signal, energy information is incorporated into(More)
In the usual pattern matching approach to automatic recognition of speech, some measurement of pattern similarity is used to obtain a tentative word identification. This paper presents techniques for using additional information for further testing of this hypothesis. This information is in the form of other types of spectral match statistics, energy ratio(More)
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