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This ex-vivo study investigated the effect that repeated bracket displacement has on sliding friction and the magnitude of bracket displacement, and hence tooth movement, required to release bracket/archwire binding. The design consisted of an ex-vivo laboratory study. A jig was designed that allowed repeated displacement of a bracket to occur, while the(More)
(2015) A novel preference articulation operator for the Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimisation of classifiers in concealed weapons detection. one copy of any article(s) in SHURA to facilitate their private study or for non-commercial research. You may not engage in further distribution of the material or use it for any profit-making activities or any(More)
The risk of attacks on travelling public has led to changes in security screening at airports. After the shoe bomber in 2001, each passenger must remove shoes, which might contain concealed threats to be x-rayed individually, which is inconvenient to passengers as well as airlines. An alternative approach is an Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Microwave Footwear(More)
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