Dean McEwen

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All perioperative team members are responsible for the safe positioning of surgical patients. Circulating nurses coordinate the positioning of patients during intraoperative periods of care. Skilled perioperative nursing interventions afford patients safe and comfortable positioning during surgery, ensure optimal exposures of surgical sites, and prevent(More)
Splenectomy has been used in patients with common variable immunodeficiency disorders (CVID), mainly in the context of refractory autoimmune cytopenia and suspected lymphoma, but there are understandable concerns about the potential of compounding an existing immunodeficiency. With increasing use of rituximab as an alternative treatment for refractory(More)
Botulinum Toxin is a powerful neurotoxin whose therapeutic uses for smooth muscle disorders have received little attention. Through innovative research, gastroenterologists at Johns Hopkins Hospital have developed a simple, less traumatic therapeutic use for this toxin in the treatment of achalasia. In this article, the authors describe the pathophysiology(More)
Benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) is a medical condition causing obstructive urinary symptoms that will inevitably affect the majority of the male population. Treatments for BPH have traditionally included invasive surgical intervention to resect a portion of the prostate as a relief of obstructive symptoms or medications that act in several ways to open(More)
BACKGROUND Increased awareness of HIV serostatus is a cornerstone of HIV prevention efforts. Thus, routine HIV testing in clinical settings has been identified as a priority. We report on our experience with making rapid HIV testing a routine procedure in a large STI clinic. METHODS A series of logistical changes were implemented to enhance HIV testing(More)
BACKGROUND Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and unintended pregnancy are significant and costly public health concerns. Integrating family planning services (FPS) into STD visits provides an opportunity to address both concerns simultaneously. Our objectives were to create an electronic eligibility reminder to identify male and female patients eligible(More)
Dacryocystitis is a common infection of the lacrimal sac. In adults, dacryocystitis results from an obstruction (ie, dacryostenosis) of the nasolacrimal duct. Dacryocystitis can be either an acute or chronic infection, and both forms usually are unilateral in nature. The hallmark symptom of both forms of dacryocystitis is epiphora (ie, excessive tearing).(More)
Patients with liver disease require skilled, complex management of the inevitable complications associated with hepatic dysfunction. Portal hypertension, a major consequence of cirrhosis of the liver, causes ascites and esophageal variceal hemorrhages. Many clinical and surgical treatment options are available to manage these complications; however, they(More)