Dean M. Philipp

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We provide an overview of the IMPACT molecular mechanics program with an emphasis on recent developments and a description of its current functionality. With respect to core molecular mechanics technologies we include a status report for the fixed charge and polarizable force fields that can be used with the program and illustrate how the force fields, when(More)
A QM–MM method, using our previously developed frozen orbital QM–MM interface methodolgy, is presented as a general, accurate, and computationally efficient model for studying chemical problems in a protein environment. The method, its parametrization, and a preliminary application to modeling cytochrome P-450 chemistry are presented.
Since the advent of Ziegler-Natta polymerization of ethylene, attempts have been made to extend coordination polymerization to commercially important monomers with polar functionality. In this study we examined the copolymerization of perdeuterated vinyl chloride (VC) and perdeuterated vinyl acetate (VA) with ethylene using a tridentate Fe(II) dichloride(More)
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