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Dependence of the triple-alpha process on the fundamental constants of nature
We present an ab initio calculation of the quark mass dependence of the ground state energies of 4He , 8Be and 12C , and of the energy of the Hoyle state in 12C . These investigations are performed
Structure and rotations of the Hoyle state.
Ab initio lattice calculations which unravel the structure of the Hoyle state are presented, along with evidence for a low-lying spin-2 rotational excitation and the electromagnetic transition rates between theLow-lying states of (12)C.
Determinant Approximations
Examples illustrate that these determinant approximations are efficient for lattice simulations of finite temperature nuclear matter, and that they use significantly less space than Gaussian elimination.
Nuclear Binding Near a Quantum Phase Transition.
Numerical evidence from ab initio lattice simulations shows that nature is near a quantum phase transition, a zero-temperature transition driven by quantum fluctuations, and it is shown that the alpha-alpha interactions depend on the strength and locality of the nucleon-nucleon interactions.
Causality constraints for charged particles
In quantum systems with short-range interactions, causality imposes nontrivial constraints on low-energy scattering parameters. We investigate these causality constraints for systems where a