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Nuclear hazards, linked to both U.S. weapons programs and civilian nuclear power, pose substantial environment justice issues. Nuclear power plant (NPP) reactors produce low-level ionizing radiation, high level nuclear waste, and are subject to catastrophic contamination events. Justice concerns include plant locations and the large potentially exposed(More)
OBJECTIVE To understand the management process of nuclear power plant (NPP) induced disasters. The study shields light on phases and issues associated with the NPP induced disaster management. SETTING This study uses Palo Verde Nuclear Generation Station as study subject and Arizona State as study area. DESIGN This study uses the Radiological Assessment(More)
Four battery-operated blood glucose reflectance meters have been tested for precision, accuracy, and convenience of use. Parallel assays on 50 venous blood samples comparing a meter and a glucose oxidase reference method gave the following regression line parameters and correlation coefficients: Diatron Easytest (Eastlords Electronics Ltd), y = 0.76x +(More)
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