Dean Jackson

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Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is a language for representing two-dimensional graphics. It was developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to be the open standard format for both static and animated vector graphics on Web appliances, from desktop machines to mobile devices. The SVG 1.0 specification, whose authors Include representatives from Adobe,(More)
The development of drug resistance, the prime cause of failure in cancer therapy, is commonly explained by the selection of resistant mutant cancer cells. However, dynamic non-genetic heterogeneity of clonal cell populations continuously produces metastable phenotypic variants (persisters), some of which represent stem-like states that confer resistance.(More)
This paper describes a prototype r obot and the necessary path planning and control for space inspection applications. The robot is the rst generation of a free-ying robotic camera that will assist astronauts in constructing and maintaining the Space Station. The robot will provide remote views to astronauts inside the Space Shuttle and future S p ace(More)
The Web is a rich interactive environment – it is full of text, images, audio, video and animations. It's also designed to be an environment for everybody, regardless of age, physical, intellectual and cognitive disabilities. This fundamental aspect of the web is referred to as "Accessibility". Many people think that accessibility simply means making web(More)
Episomal vectors assembled from defined genetic components are a promising alternative to traditional gene therapy vectors that integrate in the host genome and may cause insertional mutations. The vector pEPI-eGFP is stably retained in the episomal state in cultured mammalian cells at low copy number for many generations without integration into the host(More)
Regular physical activity helps to improve physical and mental functions as well as reverse some effects of chronic disease to keep older people mobile and independent. Despite the highly publicised benefits of physical activity, the overwhelming majority of older people in the United Kingdom do not meet the minimum physical activity levels needed to(More)
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