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An attractive explanation for large-scale gradients of species richness is that trophic energy flux defines living systems. It has yet to be shown that available energy may matter per se, that is, directly and independent of other potential determinants that are usually inescapably correlated (e.g., area, glacial history, or habitat complexity). By using a(More)
Für Stockente, Reiherente und Bläßhuhn werden nach Zählungen in Südbayern (mittlere Wintersumme von 8 Zählungen im monatlichen Abstand pro Art je über 100 000 Individuen) Monatsindizes und ein die saisonale Verteilung berücksichtigender Wintersummenindex nach der Methode des Common Bird Census in Großbritannien errechnet. Innerhalb einer Art zeigen diese(More)
Storm petrels were recorded along a transect line in the Strait of Gibraltar from August to the middle of November and in December. No hint for migration of the Mediterranean population through the Strait could be revealed. The presence of Storm Petrels is enhanced in October/November. Throughout autumn about 82 % of the Storm Petrels steadily flying east(More)
Many species of wagging birds — e.g. tail-wagging Common and Spotted Sandpiper (Actitis hypoleucos, A. macularia), some Wagtails (Motacillidae), Forktails (Enicuridae) or body-bobbing Dippers (Cinclidae) — inhabit fast-running streams and it appears that the behaviour is a convergent adaption to this habitat. Possible functions are discussed; the hypothesis(More)
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