Dean H. Wilson

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The treatment of anorectal abscess by deroofing and packing on an initial inpatient basis has been compared in a controlled trial with that of incision, curettage and primary suture under systemic antibiotic cover in the Accident and Emergency Department. Over a three-year period 219 patients with anorectal abscess were randomly allocated to one or other(More)
A prospective study of 1086 consecutive injuries caused by glass showed that the mean age of the patients was 15 years and there was a 7 : 3 male to female ratio. The home (35 per cent), public places (31.3 per cent) and places of work (21.1 per cent) were the main locations where these accidents occurred. Although most of the injuries were mild, 3 case(More)
The opinions on the performance characteristics of the mid arm circumference as anthropometric measurement for malnutrition screening are quite contradictory. In this paper we analyze the specificity and sensitivity of the arm tape under different conditions and conclude that the design of the tape characteristics should aim at an instrument which can(More)