Dean G. Johnson

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BACKGROUND The therapeutic mode of the VISX 20/20 excimer laser was used to remove the corneal epithelium prior to performing photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) with a multizone, multipass technique. METHODS A retrospective analysis was performed of 120 eyes of 90 patients that were treated for preoperative spherical refractive errors from -1.00 to -7.00(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine if the arterial baroreceptor reflexes modulate the sympathocirculatory responses to acute heat stress. To address this, arterial pressure, heart rate, mesenteric and renal blood flow velocity (Doppler flow probes), arterial plasma norepinephrine, and colonic temperature were measured before and during whole body(More)
In a 3-year period, 95 patients with severe head injury (unconsciousness greater than 6h duration) were treated at our institution. Of these, 46 patients (48%) had isolated head injury and 49 (52%) had head injury plus severe multiple trauma. Multiple trauma was scored using the Modified Injury Severity Scale. All patients in the multiple trauma group had(More)
Holstein-Friesian Herdbooks (Holstein-Friesian Association of America, Brattleboro, VT) were used to draw random samples of 600 registered females born during each of the yr 1970, 1976, and 1982. A two-line pedigree, one random line of ancestry tracing from the sire and another tracing from the dam to the beginning of the Holstein-Friesian Herdbook, was(More)
We have used hamster insulinoma tumor (HIT) cells, an insulin-secreting tumor cell line, to investigate modulation of the Na/K-ATPase and of the ATP-sensitive K channel (K(ATP)) by the sulfonylurea glyburide. Membrane proteins from cells cultured in RPMI with 11 mM glucose have at least two glyburide receptor populations, as evidenced by high and low(More)
Small mammals, particularly mice, are very useful animal models for biomedical research. Extremely small anatomical dimensions, however, make design of implantable microsystems quite challenging. A method for coupling external fluidic systems to microfluidic channels via in-plane interconnects is presented. Capillary tubing is inserted into channels etched(More)
The breakdown of proinsulin in the pancreatic beta cell yields insulin and C-peptide which are secreted in equimolar amounts. Unlike insulin, C-peptide is not degraded significantly by the liver, so that its measurement should give a better assessment of insulin secretion than estimation of peripheral insulin levels alone; particularly in the presence of(More)
Low flow rate micropumps play an increasingly important role in drug therapy research. Infusions to small biological structures and lab-on-a-chip applications require ultra-low flow rates and will benefit from the ability to expend no power in the blocked-flow state. Here we present a planar micropump based on gallium phase-change actuation that leverages(More)
Hemodialysis involves large, periodic treatment doses using large-area membranes. If the permeability of dialysis membranes could be increased, it would reduce the necessary dialyzer size and could enable a wearable device that administers a continuous, low dose treatment of chronic kidney disease. This paper explores the application of ultrathin silicon(More)