Dean F Kappel

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A program was established within our regional procurement organization to permit evaluation of altruistic living donors (LD) interested in nondirected kidney or liver segment donation prior to transplant center referral. During the initial 30 months of program operations, 731 donor inquiries were received of which 131 individuals called back after review of(More)
PURPOSE Corticosteroids are used to promote hemodynamic stability and reduce inflammatory organ injury after brain death. High-dose (HD) methylprednisolone has become the standard regimen based on comparisons to untreated/historical controls. However, this protocol may exacerbate hyperglycemia. Our objective was to compare a lower-dose (LD) steroid protocol(More)
OBJECTIVE Past organ donation research has studied attitudes toward donation, predictors of signing donor cards, and distinguishing characteristics of donors vs. nondonors. The current study is the first to examine predictors of family members' satisfaction with the decision to consent or refuse donation of a dying loved one's organs or tissue. METHOD(More)
Medicare allowable charges were compared between 21 continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) and 25 center hemodialysis (CHD) patients for the 12-month period from Sept 1982 through Aug 1983 to determine if savings from CAPD therapy were offset by higher hospitalization charges. All adult patients on a single therapy for the 12-month period who were(More)
Transplant surgeons have historically traveled to donor hospitals, performing complex, time-sensitive procedures with unfamiliar personnel. This often involves air travel, significant delays, and frequently occurs overnight.In 2001, we established the nation's first organ recovery center. The goal was to increase efficiency,reduce costs and reduce surgeon(More)
BACKGROUND A new era in organ donation with national redistricting is being proposed. With these proposals, costs of organ acquisition are estimated to more than double. Traditionally, organ recoveries occur in the donor hospital setting, incurring premium hospital expenses. The aim of the study was to determine organ recovery costs and organ yield for(More)