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The Annual Conference of the BSSPD (British Society for the Study of Prosthetic Dentistry) was held in York on 6 and 7 April 2009. At the symposium on mandibular overdentures, presenters offered a synopsis of the research available on the efficacy of implant-supported mandibular overdentures in the edentulous mandible. Emphasis was given to both qualitative(More)
This paper reports a case of tooth surface loss as a result of the eating disorder pica. Background to the condition is discussed and the clinical findings and treatment of the patient outlined. The case illustrates a rare cause of wear which should be considered when patients present with an unusual pattern of tooth surface loss.
The acculturation process presents numerous challenges that could benefit or adversely affect immigrants’ health practices. The goal of this review was to present a systematic summary of studies examining the relationship between acculturation and physical activity among immigrants and ethnic minority populations. Systematic review based on 44 original(More)
Radiation therapy plays an important role in the care of patients with head and neck cancer. When the oral cavity and the salivary glands are exposed to high doses of radiation, there can be dramatic effects on the patient's oral health. The clinical consequences of radiation can include mucositis, hyposalivation, taste loss, osteoradionecrosis, radiation(More)
Well-fitting indirect restorations can only be made if there are accurate models of the oral tissues available, made from high quality impressions. Waiting for an impression to set may be more stressful for the dentist than the patient. Should the impression need to be repeated there is the embarrassment of having to explain this to the patient, the cost(More)
Having successfully negotiated the planning, preparation, impression and prescription of your crown, the cementation stage represents the culmination of all your efforts. This stage is not difficult, but a successful outcome needs as much care as the preceding stages. Once a restoration is cemented there is no scope for modification or repeat You have to(More)
This study was designed to provide a broad estimate of the level of dental disease in a group of patients attending a Regional Addiction Unit, and outline some of the perceptions of this group with regard to the importance of dental health and gaining access to dental services. In a survey of consecutive patients admitted to a day Hospital Service at a(More)
A 19-year-old female was referred by her dental practitioner for the restoration of missing maxillary lateral incisors and canines. Ridge augmentation was required. This was undertaken using mandibular tori as the sites for harvesting bone. The grafting was successful and the spaces were subsequently restored using resin-bonded bridgework. The case reports(More)