Dean B. Edwards

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Pigs from the F(2) generation of a Duroc x Pietrain resource population were evaluated to discover QTL affecting carcass composition and meat quality traits. Carcass composition phenotypes included primal cut weights, skeletal characteristics, backfat thickness, and LM area. Meat quality data included LM pH, temperature, objective and subjective color(More)
Crossbred progeny sired by either Duroc or Pietrain boars, normal for the ryanodine receptor gene, were evaluated for carcass composition and meat quality. Boars from each breed were mated to Yorkshire or F1 Yorkshire-Landrace females. A total of 162 off-spring was evaluated for carcass and meat quality traits at a common age (approximately 26 wk of age).(More)
Pigs from the F(2) generation of a Duroc x Pietrain resource population were evaluated to discover QTL affecting growth and composition traits. Body weight and ultrasound estimates of 10th-rib backfat, last-rib backfat, and LM area were serially measured throughout development. Estimates of fat-free total lean, total body fat, empty body protein, empty body(More)
Accurate evaluations of growth and composition traits enable better management decisions regarding genetic merit, feeding, and marketing. Sires from Duroc and Pietrain populations were used to produce crossbred pigs, which were evaluated for growth and composition traits. All parents were normal for the ryanodine receptor gene. Boars from each breed were(More)
Effective control systems for a variety of underwater autonomous vehicles have been developed and are in use. These systems generally assume the vehicle is operating independently of other nearby vehicles. However, there is recent and growing interest in the coordinated control of a platoon of vehicles acting cooperatively to achieve an objective that a(More)
Reported cases of dislocation of the mandibular condyle into the middle cranial fossa have been rare, and treatment modalities have varied. The case presented represents an instance of successful closed reduction. Numerous factors should be considered when determining the technique of reduction. Primary goals in selecting the method of treatment are(More)
Pneumomediastinum and pneumothorax are rare complications in the postoperative oral and maxillofacial surgery patient. Review of the sequence of events relating to these two life-threatening conditions emphasizes the importance of awareness of the clinical presentation and pathophysiology of these conditions as well as the need for judicious pulmonary(More)
– A non-linear, fuzzy logic controller was developed for an autonomous underwater crawler. Due to fuzzy rules based on linguistic variables, the controller is applicable to many autonomous applications. The controller is hierarchical in design with an obstacle avoidance, a path finding, and a supervisor model. An optimization procedure was developed using(More)