Dean B. Edwards

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This paper presents a technique for learning to assess terrain traversability for outdoor mobile robot navigation using human-embedded logic and real-time perception of terrain features extracted from image data. The methodology utilizes a fuzzy logic framework and vision algorithms for analysis of the terrain. The terrain assessment and learning(More)
Effective control systems for a variety of underwater autonomous vehicles have been developed and are in use. These systems generally assume the vehicle is operating independently of other nearby vehicles. However, there is recent and growing interest in the coordinated control of a platoon of vehicles acting cooperatively to achieve an objective that a(More)
– A non-linear, fuzzy logic controller was developed for an autonomous underwater crawler. Due to fuzzy rules based on linguistic variables, the controller is applicable to many autonomous applications. The controller is hierarchical in design with an obstacle avoidance, a path finding, and a supervisor model. An optimization procedure was developed using(More)
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