Dean Allemang

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The problem of abduction can be characterized as nding the best explanation of a set of data. In this paper we focus on one type of abduction in which the best explanation is the most plausible combination of hypotheses that explains all the data. We then present several computational complexity results demonstrating that this type of abduction is(More)
T h e p rob lem of f inding a best exp lana t ion of a set of da ta has been a top ic of m u c h interest in A r t i f i c i a l I n t e l l i gence. In th is paper we present an approach to th is p r o b l e m by hypothesis assembly. We present th is approach f o rma l l y so tha t we can examine the t ime comp lex i t y and correctness of the a lgo r i t(More)
  • Dean Allemang
  • 2006 Second International Conference on Rules and…
  • 2006
One could fairly say that the role of rules in the semantic Web has been controversial; in the few short years since the first publication of the semantic Web stack, Rules have sometimes been given a central role, at other times a peripheral role, and sometimes left out completely. Why such variation for an technology with thirty years of background? The(More)