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A need exists for robust and cost-effective assays to detect a single or small set of actionable point mutations, or a complete set of clinically informative mutant alleles. Knowledge of these mutations can be used to alert the clinician to a rare mutation that might necessitate more aggressive clinical monitoring or a personalized course of treatment. An(More)
This paper presents an approach to approximate the skeleton of continuous shapes either in 2D or 3D space. The data required is a sampling of the boundary of the shape. We call polyball any nite union of balls. A preliminary work on polyballs shows that their skeletons consist of simple components (line segments in 2D and polygons in 3D). To construct these(More)
Paired-end sequencing yields a read from each end of a DNA fragment, typically leaving a gap of unsequenced nucleotides in the middle. Closing this gap using information from other reads in the same sequencing experiment offers the potential to generate longer “pseudo-reads” using short read sequencing platforms. Such long reads may benefit downstream(More)
Droplet digital polymerase chain reaction (ddPCR) is a novel platform for exact quantification of DNA which holds great promise in clinical diagnostics. It is increasingly popular due to its digital nature, which provides more accurate quantification and higher sensitivity than traditional real-time PCR. However, clinical adoption has been slowed in part by(More)
Iso-surfaces are routinely used for the visualization of volumetric structures. Further processing (such as quantitative analysis, morphometric measurements, shape description) requires volume representations. The skeleton representation matches these requirements by providing a concise description of the object. This paper has two parts. First, we exhibit(More)
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