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Eitelberg introduced a useful method to recover system performance when a direct tuning of the PID's parameters was prohibited in 1987 [1]. Our work herein proposes the use of adaptive tabu search (ATS) [11] to optimally tune the input-weight factors according to Eitelberg's. We illustrate the effectiveness of our proposed method via two motor control(More)
A new hybrid tabu search (HTS) method for solving assembly line balancing problems is proposed in this paper. The tabu search (TS) method is combined with the genetic algorithm (GA) to identify and provide solutions for assembly line balancing problems. With the proposed HTS method, the TS method can well address the number of tasks assigned for each(More)
Due to pressures of just-in-time manufacturing, many assembly lines in industries are now being designed as the U-shape assembly line balancing (UALB). When compared to the straight assembly line balancing (SALB), it has better balancing, improved communication, fewer workstations, and more flexibility for adjustment. This paper proposes the application of(More)