Dea-Woo Park

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An increasing number of people who use a smart phone or tablet PC are accessing wireless networks in public facilities including cafes and shopping centers. For example, iPhones and Android Phones have been available since 2010. However, security incidents may occur through all sorts of malicious code infection of users’ personal information during the use(More)
Because it is impossible to find attacker's real IP address in hacking attacks against Korean users from other countries although the tracking method is used, investigators thereof have great difficulty. This is because attackers use the IP spoofing method to conceal their IP address while they go through a plurality of proxy servers. This study aims to(More)
GSM is the most popular standard for mobile phones in the world. In spite of the tremendous market growth, however, the GSM system has the fatal security problems in TMSI allocation protocol. These problems are right user authentication and location privacy. In this paper, we propose the secure TMSI allocation mechanism using the certification concept to(More)
In the Yeonpyungdo island battle, resients in the Yeonpyungdo island experienced dmages due to North Korean's firing without any notice. It seems that North Koreans did shelling for military training several times, but South Koreans cound not respond to the purpose because of poor maintenance and poor training. In this study, we will describe on-line(More)