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Early efforts regarding research on a new area of interest are, by nature, exploratory. Before theoretical models can be built and before meaningful empirical research can be performed, a careful process of identifying the appropriate research questions and problems must be undertaken. This is the current state of research regarding the relatively new area(More)
The external cuticular surface of nematodes, which resembles cellular membranes in certain ways, appears to deteriorate with age. For example, when the permeabilities to radioactive water of young and old nematodes were compared, and the data were corrected for the different surface: volume ratios, the older nematodes were significantly more permeable. In(More)
The Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants have together called on the research community to show how continuous audit (CA) could be implemented in various auditing domains. In response to this call, we look at the domain of debt covenant compliance, and we utilize Cold Fusion, a leading web(More)
The Archaebacterium Thermoplasma acidophilum has a histone-like protein (HTa) abundantly associated with its deoxyribonucleic acid. Each native tetrameric complex of HTa contains 20 phenylalanine residues, 4 tyrosine residues, and no tryptophan. When the protein was excited by radiation at 252 nm, which is a wavelength absorbed predominantly by(More)
During economic downturns, pressure is placed on information technology (IT) managers to find ways to make their use of technology more efficient. Selective IT outsourcing, if done correctly, can ease this pressure for companies who may lack the means to develop applications internally, but who none-the-less need the technology. This paper addresses the(More)
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