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Data mining techniques are studied to discover knowledge from GIS database and remote sensing image data in order to improve land use classification. Two learning granularities are proposed for inductive learning from spatial data, one is spatial object granularity, the other is pixel granularity. The characteristics and application scope of the two(More)
In this paper, the trend of urban spatial information sharing service from the electronic map to image is analyzed and its sharing framework based on service-oriented architecture is designed. Moreover, the service implementation, feedback data service procedure and its processing service model are explored. Based on the software with independent(More)
A new sub-pixel block matching algorithm for fast motion estimation is proposed, which is designed to reduce the search position by using the distortion information of the evaluated integer points in the small diamond search pattern. In order to use the single instruction multiple data (SIMD) technique to fast parallel implement it, the storage order of the(More)
A growing attention has been paid to spatial data mining and knowledge discovery (SDMKD). This paper presents the principles of SDMKD, proposes three new techniques, and gives their applicability and examples. First, the motivation of SDMKD is briefed. Second, the intension and extension of SDMKD concept are presented. Third, three new techniques are(More)
rdquoThe increasing Web service in spatial information domain, demands us to discovery service precisely and efficiently. However traditional Web service discovery provides keywords based search method, which would lead to rough search results, can't satisfy our request. Besides Web services lack of semantic description, unable to be interpreted by(More)
One of the main obstacles in image registration is the precise estimation of a mapping function that determines geometric transformation between two image coordinate systems. For conventional image registration methods, their registration results are not the global optimal, and accuracy is low because only a few local control points are used for the(More)
The position and orientation of moving platform mainly depends on global positioning system and inertial navigation system in the field of low-altitude surveying, mapping and remote sensing and land-based mobile mapping system. However, GPS signal is unavailable in the application of deep space exploration and indoor robot control. In such circumstances,(More)