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Kaposi’s sarcoma (KS) is a multicentric angioproliferative tumor of mesenchymal origin. The molecular and biologic aspects of KS are not fully understood. MicroRNAs are non-protein-coding small RNAs in the size range 19–25 nucleotides (nt) that play important roles in biological processes, including cellular differentiation, proliferation, and death. We(More)
Based on the monitoring data for years in Shandong Province, current situation of acid rain in every city was assessed, and the temporal distribution of the dry, wet and total sulfur deposition in Jinan and Qingdao were studied. The results showed that Qingdao which had the largest precipitation acidity was the single city whose annul average precipitation(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the chemical constituents from the whole herbs of Anoectochilus chapaensis. METHODS The chemical constituents were isolated and purified by repeated column chromatographies with silica gel, Sephadex LH-20 and preparative TLC. Their structures were identified by their physiochemical property and spectral data. RESULTS 6 compounds(More)
Based on the analysis of supply chain collaboration and the inventory optimization for assembly manufacturing enterprises, an optimization model of multi-period dynamic decision is investigated according to the organizational behavior theory and optimization principle of cybernetics, which is based on the assembly manufacturing enterprise's target(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the feasibility of the injectable thermosetting chitosan-glycerophosphate-fibroblast (C-GP-FB) hydrogel as an embolizing material of intracranial aneurysm. METHODS 2% chitosan solution and 56% glycerophosphate solution were mixed in different volume ratio to detect the pH, colloidization time at 37 degrees C, and mechanic strength.(More)
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