De-yu Song

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In order to deal with constraints in the optimization problems, there are a few improved Genetic Algorithms (namely GAs). These GAs have lots of advantages and their applications respectively. But disadvantages in common are that they are strongly dependent on the optimization problem and have narrow applications. Studied based on existing methods, a new(More)
This paper deals with energy-saving advantage in a electric power steering system. Currently, electric power steering systems are commonly used for mini-sized vehicles, and reduction of electric energy of the electromagnetic clutch under non-steering condition is important for energy-savings of the EPS system to improve fuel economy. This paper describes a(More)
The new generation of Steering-by-Wire systems currently under development has demanding requirements continuing operation even in the presence of component failures on the electronic architecture which must therefore provide fault-tolerance and real-time response. The objective of this paper is to provide the fault diagnostics and reconfiguration strategy(More)
This paper investigates the robust controller of an electric power steering system. The design methods of the robust H∞ mixed sensitivity controller are researched by the transfer functions model of EPS system, based on the classical PI current loop. The theoretical analysis and simulation experiments indicate that the proposed controller can(More)
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