De-xiu Huang

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A novel scheme for an ultrahigh-speed all-optical half adder based on four-wave mixing (FWM) in semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOAs) is proposed. This scheme is free of pattern effect, due to using the polarization-shift-keying (PolSK) modulation format. By numerical simulation, the output power level of logic "1" dependence on the operating conditions,(More)
The MuCool Experiment has been continuing to take data with 805 and 201 MHz cavities in the MuCool Test Area (MTA). The system uses rf power sources from the Fermilab Linac. Although the experimental program is primarily aimed at the Muon Ionization Cooling Experiment (MICE), we have been studying the dependence of rf limits on frequency, cavity material,(More)
Angle-tuned thin film filter is widely used in the DWDM system for its broad tunable wavelength range and high rectangular degree. The transmissivity and the half bandwidth is greatly influenced not only by the incident angle, but also by the wedge angle of the non-paralleled thin film filter. In the present paper, the influences of the wedge angle on the(More)
Three-port tunable optical filter is a key device in the all-optic intelligent switching network and dense wavelength division multiplexing system. The characteristics of the reflecting spectrum, especially the reflectivity and the isolation degree are very important to the three-port filter. Angle-tuned thin film filter is widely used as a three-port(More)
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