De-tai Zhang

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A plasmid carrying DNA to be transcribed into a small interfering RNA against transketolase-like-1 mRNA was constructed and transfected into a human colon cancer cell line. The mRNA expression of transketolase gene family in the human colon cell line was determined by real-time polymerase chain reaction. The effect of anti-transketolase-like-1 small(More)
AIM To explore a role of G6PD in replenishment of intracellular GSH during oxidative stress. METHODS In vitro Raji cell was cultured, intracellular GSH levels and G6PD, GR, GPX activities were determined at different time points after PMS treatment when G6PD activity was inhibited or not by DHEA. RESULTS Intracellular GR, GPX, G6PD activities elevated(More)
OBJECTIVE In order to develop and validate an assay for rapid detection of three common G6PD gene mutations in Chinese individuals. METHODS In this report we design two sets of primers and fluorescently labeled hybridization probes recognizing adjacent sequences in the amplicon; after annealing, the fluorophores were in resonance energy transfer,(More)
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