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There have been numerous attempts recently to promote technology based education (Shrestha, 1997) in the poorer third world countries, but so far all these have not provided a sustainable solution as they are either centered and controlled from abroad and relying solely on foreign donors for their sustenance or they are not web-based, which make(More)
Due to e-business's variety of customers with different navigational patterns and demands, multi-class queuing network is a natural performance model for it. The open multi-class queuing network(QN) models are based on the assumption that no service center is saturated as a result of the combined loads of all the classes. Several formulas are used to(More)
In this paper, a simple and effective attack on a non-blind robust digital watermark method, cocktail watermarking, was proposed. After reviewing the principle of the cocktail watermarking, the paper discovered that the cocktail watermarking scheme can drive a very high false positive probability although with high robustness simultaneously. Furthermore, a(More)
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