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Naphthoquine phosphate and artemisinine are two antimalarials developed in China. Both drugs have proven to be efficacious and well tolerated as monotherapy as well as in combination in patients suffering from malaria. The Co-naphthoquine, a novel antimalarial combination, is an oral fixed combination tablet of the naphthoquine phosphate and artemisinine.(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the efficacy and safety of naphthoquine, artemisinine and a combination of the two drugs in the treatment of faciparum malaria. METHODS Of 230 patients, 100 patients were treated with combined regime (Co-NQ), 100 patients were treated with naphthoquine (NQ) and 30 patients were treated with artemisinine (QHS). All patients were(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the antimalarial activity of naphthoquine phosphate combined with artemisinine against Plasmodium knowlesi in rhesus monkey. METHODS Monkeys were randomly divided into 9 groups (3/group). The monkeys in groups A and B were treated i.g. once daily for 3 days with 6 or 10 mg/kg of naphthoquine phosphate respectively. Those in groups C and(More)
For the purpose of improving the oral antimalarial activities of the fluorenemethanols (reported by us in previous articles) which were less effective by oral than by subcutaneous administration, 24 alpha-(alkylaminomethyl)-2, 7-dichloro-9-substituted benzylidene-4-fluorenemethanols (III) were synthesized. The results of preliminary screenings demonstrated(More)
AIM To study the blood schizontocidal effect of oral artesunate on P berghei in mice and P knowlesi in monkey. METHODS Effects of artesunate and chloroquine were detected with "4-day test" and "28-day test" on P berghei in mice and "7-day test" on P knowlesi in Macaca mudatta. RESULTS The suppressive efficacy of oral artesunate was inferior to(More)