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To increase the responsivity is one of the vital issues for a photodetector. By employing ZnO as a representative material of ultraviolet photodetectors and Si as a representative material of visible photodetectors, an impact ionization process, in which additional carriers can be generated in an insulating layer at a relatively large electric field, has(More)
Ultraviolet photodetectors have been fabricated from ZnO quantum dots/carbon nanodots hybrid films, and the introduction of carbon nanodots improves the performance of the photodetectors greatly. The photodetectors can be used to detect very weak ultraviolet signals (as low as 12 nW/cm(2)). The detectivity and noise equivalent power of the photodetector can(More)
Paper, as one of the most important information carriers, has contributed to the development and transmission of human civilization greatly. Meanwhile, a serious problem of environmental sustainable development caused by the production and utilization of paper has been resulted to modern society. Therefore, a simple and green route is urgently demanded to(More)
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