De-Ying Zeng

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BACKGROUND Low birth weight (LBW) might be a risk factor for acquiring lower respiratory tract infections (LRTIs) associated with disease related complications in early childhood. HFMD, a frequent viral infection in southern China, is a leading cause of lower respiratory tract infections in children. We analyzed whether LBW is a risk factor for children(More)
Univalent-dependent meiotic nonreduction, which leads to the production of unreduced gametes, is thought to be the predominant mechanism underlying allopolyploid plant formation. However, little is known about the underlying cytological mechanism. In the present study, we observed male sporogenesis in F1 amphihaploid hybrids of wheat–rye by FISH with the(More)
At present, wt1, a Wilms' tumor suppressor gene, is recognized as a critical regulator of tumorigenesis and a potential therapeutic target. WT1 shows the ability to regulate the transcription of bcl-2 by binding to a GC-rich region in the promoter, which can then fold into a special DNA secondary structure called the G-quadruplex. This function merits the(More)
The specificity of nucleic acids' binders is crucial for developing this kind of drug, especially for novel G-quadruplexes' binders. Quindoline derivatives have been developed as G-quadruplex stabilizers with good interactive activities. In order to improve the selectivity and binding affinity of quindoline derivatives as c-myc G-quadruplex binding ligands,(More)
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